About Us

Our Story.......So Far!

Hemingway’s first opened its doors in November 2006 originally as a Caribbean Bar & BBQ Restaurant serving up all sorts of meat and seafood BBQ dishes from the islands. Overtime the Caribbean theme fizzled out as Hemingway’s became more mainstream, catering for the demands of the local community.

In 2018 during a change of the ownership structure Gary Stokes, one of the original founders took over the restaurant. Gary who has been working as an ocean conservationist for many years originally wanted to sell his small shareholding due to the internal conflict he had within himself, selling meat and seafood whilst trying to save the oceans. However rather than see Hemingway’s sold off to a rival restaurant and all the hard work over the years go to waste, Gary decided to buy out the other shareholders. We did not want the amazing team of people that not only work at Hemingway’s, but who we all consider extended family to disband.

Now faced with a 100% share in a restaurant serving meat and seafood Gary made what some believed to be a ‘radical’ change to the menu and adopted a 100% plant based menu. With the support of his wife Margie and the great management team of Samir & John, Hemingway’s was transformed almost overnight, and we haven’t looked back since!

Joining the team, Chef Meeta brought along her culinary knowledge of vegan cuisine and worked to create a vegan comfort food menu. Our philosophy and aim is to show people that you do not need to sacrifice what you love when choosing to go plant based.

We use our plant based menu to encourage people to try plant based food without preaching.

Let the food do the talking…

Gary Stokes

One of the original founders along with his best friend David, Gary is most known for his environmental work both in Hong Kong and globally to save the oceans. Combining his two passions, ocean conservation and the importance of the world adopting a plant based diet, Gary works alongside the team to ensure that Hemingway's is a ground breaker in social change.

Samir Ahmed

Samir joined Hemingway's in 2008 originally as the delivery driver of our once infamous 'Rasta Van'. He now drives the entire front of house operation as our Manager together with John and the front of house team. His smile has been welcoming people into Hemingway's now for over a dozen years.


Meeta Nanda

The coolest cucumber we know, Meeta brings her years of plant based culinary knowledge to the kitchen and combined with her holistic calmness delivers some of the best vegan food on the planet.

John Overton

The ultimate perfectionist and people person, John brings his personality and professionalism to work everyday and twice on Sundays.